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Business networking has been around for a long time, it's nothing new.

But for some of us, it can feel like something is missing. When we connect with others at networking events, we are mostly covering the basics only.

You walk in to a room filled with strangers, present a 60 second pitch, hand your business cards out, and leave. Sound familiar? 


We know this method can work, but here's something else we know too - being an entrepreneur is bloody tough!

It can be so hard to find support when you feel alone and without a sense of community. So going to networking events can be really hard, when you have the added stress of feeling uncomfortable and not knowing anyone.

Networking business women was created for this very reason! We created this space online and in person where the support comes first, and the networking comes second.


With the pressure of aggressive networking, we can sometimes lose sight of one of the biggest challenges business owners face - mental health issues. Stress, fear, isolation, depression, and anxiety can all take a toll, and someone who doesn't feel supported or that they are part of the community will always struggle to reach their full potential.

A woman who feels the support of a community behind her will help her find the courage to take leaps, build resilience to keep going, and strengthen her belief that her dreams can, in fact, become a reality.

What Networking Business Women offers is truly special and unique, because we imagined a place where women could get together without the fear of judgment. It is somewhere to learn and grow as a business owner, as a mother,  and as a person.


We envisioned a place to feel safe enough to express the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur, and most importantly, somewhere to seek help and advice whenever it was needed.  A place where women from all backgrounds and industries could meet, chat, network, and build relationships. A place to feel supported, and meet like-minded women to build a community with.


Ask yourself - what could YOU accomplish in a place as nurturing as this?

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